The Lip Roll with Jayden

Jayden recently started voice with me as well.  In this video we demonstrate how to perform the Lip Roll to warm up and relax your vocal chords.  We also have a bit of fun as this exercise can be boring for students at time and they often overlook it.

Firework: Pitch Assistance with Zeenal

Zeenal wants to sing Firework by Katy Perry but is having trouble with remembering the pitches and projecting a louder voice.  I help her to constantly be aware of the pitches by playing along on the keyboard while she has to sing in a louder and more projecting voice.

Leseli singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Over the last couple of months this amazing yet very shy student, Leseli has built a lot of confidence. Here we perform Somewhere over the Rainbow for voice and Uke.
I am very proud of you Leseli.  Keep on practicing.  Your voice has improved so much!

Building confidence with Emma

Emma, a new student at WRMS shows of her skill and how her confidence has improved with her new found passion – singing.