Shayna wins an A+ at the Eisteddfod

Shayna was the last student to perform at the Pretoria Eisteddfod 2018 in the voice category during last week. She achieved an A+. I am super proud of you!!!!

Zeenal Modi wins A+ at the Eisteddfod

Zeenal performed The One That Got Away by Katy Perry at the Pretoria Eisteddfod 2018 last week. She received a fantastic A+ for her performance. Well done Zeenal! I am so proud of you. You were a star!

Talicia – Debut Album Practice Session

So we are working on Talicia’s first album and during her session today, we tested out the two backtracks for two cover songs that she is going to do. I am so so so excited about this.

Talicia Mariti sings Make You Feel My Love

It is such a privilege to have gifted students with me.  All my students are great but Talicia is truly something different,  something unique.  Though she is only 12 years old,  her voice is already so amazingly strong.

This year,  Talicia and I will be working on her first album together.  In the video link above,  she sings Make You Feel My Love by Adele.  

The Lip Roll with Jayden

Jayden recently started voice with me as well.  In this video we demonstrate how to perform the Lip Roll to warm up and relax your vocal chords.  We also have a bit of fun as this exercise can be boring for students at time and they often overlook it.

Firework: Pitch Assistance with Zeenal

Zeenal wants to sing Firework by Katy Perry but is having trouble with remembering the pitches and projecting a louder voice.  I help her to constantly be aware of the pitches by playing along on the keyboard while she has to sing in a louder and more projecting voice.

Leseli singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Over the last couple of months this amazing yet very shy student, Leseli has built a lot of confidence. Here we perform Somewhere over the Rainbow for voice and Uke.
I am very proud of you Leseli.  Keep on practicing.  Your voice has improved so much!