Student Certificates 2017

am so proud of all my students for doing so well during 2017.  There were a total of 20 International Music Certificates across various grades that were achieved.  The students also did so well during their Studio assessments last year.  

Congratulations to you all and keep up the good work!

Trinity College 2017 Video Resource List

As 2nd opportunity exams for Trinity College Music exams are commencing,  I would like to make available to you the resources I have available on my YouTube channel.  I do hope that these resources will help you in a way.
I would like to wish every student across the country good luck with playing their exams.  Practice hard and do great!

Red Square March – An Overview of the Notes with Sophie

Sophie is playing Red Square March for her Trinity College Grade 1 Exam. As Sophie is having trouble remembering all the notes and hand movements, in this video we do a quick overview of the notes and where our hands need to go.

Claudia and Ready to Go: Notes and Rhythm

Claudia is playing Ready to Go for her Trinity College Grade Initial exam.  She is having trouble with remember the slight changes in melody as well as the rhythm and staccato markings.
During our lesson we try to correct the rhythm and remember that the two sections have different endings in terms of melody and notes.  

Dance of the Little Swans: Notes with Kayla – Middle and End Section

Kayla is playing Dance of the Little Swans by Tchaikovsky for her Trinity College Grade 3 Piano Exam and she is struggling with putting the middle and end sections together.  During our lesson we took a look at the notes, hands separately and then we tried to put them together.