The Scientist Lesson 1: Playing the Chords

In this video I explain the main chords found in The Scientist and how to effectively play them correctly using correct fingering and technique. This is in preparation for the RockSchool Grade 2 Piano exams.

Stick and Hat – A Duet with Phoebe

Phoebe and I recorded the duet she is going to play for her exam in November called Stick and Hat. Phoebe is come so far the last few months. It is a real treat to play with her.

Kayla wins two A’s at the Eisteddfod

Kayla played at the Pretoria Eisteddfod last week in the Grade 4 Prescribed work category as well as the Grade 4 Exam pieces category. She received an A for both of her performances. Well done Kayla! Keep up the good work!

The Enchanted Garden with Amelia

In this new tutorial on the Enchanted Garden, a Trinity College Grade 1 piece, I focus specifically on hand movements as most student get confused with the movements.

Gladys Chimedza performing in England

Gladys and her family recently relocated to England where she is still practicing her music.  This is the wonderful email and video I received from them.

Olivia and Mission Impossible

In this video tutorial, Olivia and I take a look at Mission Impossible, an easy arrangement for the young player. We look at the different parts, where to place our hands and some of the more important notes to remember.

Jayden and Hand in Hand’s Rhythm

Jayden and many of my other students are having some trouble remembering and getting the rhythm correct in Hand in Hand,  the Trinity Grade 1 Piano exam piece.

In the video below, we take a quick look at playing the piece in tempo as well as the most important movements that help with getting the piece more fluently.


Todo o Mundo Passa – Part 1

Todo o Mundo Passa by Villa Lobos is a beautiful little piece that is on the prepared piece list for the Eisteddfod for 2018. In this video I take a look at how to go about learning the piece and avoid the most common areas of mistakes.