Trinity College 2017 Video Resource List

As 2nd opportunity exams for Trinity College Music exams are commencing,  I would like to make available to you the resources I have available on my YouTube channel.  I do hope that these resources will help you in a way.
I would like to wish every student across the country good luck with playing their exams.  Practice hard and do great!

Photograph: Syncopation and Alternating Hands with Carla

Carla is learning to play Photograph by Ed Sheeran. I have specially arranged a version of the song for her. It contains section with syncopation as well tied notes where hands need to alternate at times. During our lesson, we take a look at how to play these elements as well as how to count the beats out correctly.

Justin and Cucumber Jam: Counting the Right Hand

In this video tutorial, I help Justin count out the rhythm of Cucumber Jam correctly.  Recently,  we also made a video on counting the Left Hand.  Both videos should be watched together to get the idea of how the hands will be played together.  

Andrea and Malaguena: Notes, Hands and Markings

Andrea is learning this Spanish classic called Malaguena. In this lesson, I help her with a visual breakdown of the notes and how the hands are going to move when she learns and practice the piece. We also take a look at some of the music markings in the piece that are important.

Nicole and Preludio: Notes on the Arpeggio Section

Nicole is learning Preludio from Albeniz’s Espana Suite. She is having trouble with the Arpeggio section and putting it hands together. In this video we have a look at how to make the execution a bit easier.

David and Fight Song – Playing the Opening Section

David is learning Fight Song by Rachel Platten.  I have specially arranged a version that he would be able to play.  During our lesson, we took a loot at the opening section of the music more specifically hand placement and what fingers to use.