Annabel plays Hand in Hand

Annabel recently started with Grade 1 Piano and in only two weeks we learned all the notes for Hand in Hand. Here she is showing of her dedication and skill. Well done Annie and keep up the good work!

Madison plays Oh Christmas Tree

Madison wanted to learn some Christmas Songs for Piano to play at her family get together over the Festive Holidays.  Here Madison and I practice Oh Christmas Tree together.

Playing the F minor Harmonic Scale

The F minor Harmonic scale is a scale that students doing official exams for TCL Grade 3 will learn.  Here we have a look at the fingering as well as the notes that are played.

Kendra plays New World Symphony Theme

Kendra really progressed well with her piano this year.  She recently learned how to play Dvorak’s New World Symphony for young students.  Well done Kendra!

Erin plays Bach: Prelude in C Major

Erin is one of my more gifted high school students.  Earlier in 2017 we learned how to play Bach’s Prelud in C Major.  Here Erin does a bit of revision on the piece so that she doesn’t forget it.

Amelia and Gavotte: Rhythm and Quaver Notes

Amelia recently played her first ever exam with Trinity College.  She played Grade Initial and she performed Gavotte.  During one of our lessons we discussed the rhythm of sections that contain Quaver notes.

Trinity College 2017 Video Resource List

As 2nd opportunity exams for Trinity College Music exams are commencing,  I would like to make available to you the resources I have available on my YouTube channel.  I do hope that these resources will help you in a way.
I would like to wish every student across the country good luck with playing their exams.  Practice hard and do great!