Gladys Chimedza performing in England

Gladys and her family recently relocated to England where she is still practicing her music.  This is the wonderful email and video I received from them.

Erin plays Bach: Prelude in C Major

Erin is one of my more gifted high school students.  Earlier in 2017 we learned how to play Bach’s Prelud in C Major.  Here Erin does a bit of revision on the piece so that she doesn’t forget it.

Talicia Mariti sings Make You Feel My Love

It is such a privilege to have gifted students with me.  All my students are great but Talicia is truly something different,  something unique.  Though she is only 12 years old,  her voice is already so amazingly strong.

This year,  Talicia and I will be working on her first album together.  In the video link above,  she sings Make You Feel My Love by Adele.  

Kendra Playing Nocturne: First Guitar Duet

Kendra, my youngest and new guitar student recently learned her first guitar duet called Nocturne. During our lesson we decided to make a video of us playing together.

Gabi’s First Duet, Nocturne: Playing on Open Strings

Gabi recently started with guitar and after practicing the first steps in mastering the basics we play a little duet together called Nocturne. This nocturne comes from Classical Guitar Method by Bradford Werner. To download this free and wonderful e-book visit his website at

Randburg Eisteddfod Results 2017

During August, the Randburg Eisteddfod was held at Randburg High School and 10 of my students had the opportunity to play their first Eisteddfod.  This was also their first public performance and it went great.  I am so proud of their achievements as playing for the public can be very scary!