Keira – Ode to Joy

Keira is doing well with her guitar getting to grips with rhythm and playing fluently.

Cara plays Ode to Joy

Cara reached another milestone piece this week. Congratulations. Here we are playing some Ode to Joy!

Ode to Joy – A duet with Hannah

Hannah and I decided to record her playing Ode to Joy this week as a duet on the guitar.

Well done Hannah, and remember to have patience when you practice.  It may take a few tries before we get it right.

Keep it up!

Ode to Joy – A Trio with Scott on the Uke

This week is a week of Ode to Joy as many students learned to play this beautiful piece of music.

Ms. Thea Swann was invited to join us and play as a Trio.

Well done Scott, this was great fun!

Hannah and Ode to Joy – Hand Posture

Hannah is one of my newer guitar students and she has recently learned how to play Ode to Joy. She is a brilliant but tends to slide into her notes. Here I show her to keep her hand steady while playing when she practices.