Ode to Joy – A duet with Hannah

Hannah and I decided to record her playing Ode to Joy this week as a duet on the guitar.

Well done Hannah, and remember to have patience when you practice.  It may take a few tries before we get it right.

Keep it up!

Ode to Joy – A Trio with Scott on the Uke

This week is a week of Ode to Joy as many students learned to play this beautiful piece of music.

Ms. Thea Swann was invited to join us and play as a Trio.

Well done Scott, this was great fun!

Hannah and Ode to Joy – Hand Posture

Hannah is one of my newer guitar students and she has recently learned how to play Ode to Joy. She is a brilliant but tends to slide into her notes. Here I show her to keep her hand steady while playing when she practices.