Andrea and Malaguena: Notes, Hands and Markings

Andrea is learning this Spanish classic called Malaguena. In this lesson, I help her with a visual breakdown of the notes and how the hands are going to move when she learns and practice the piece. We also take a look at some of the music markings in the piece that are important.

Randburg Eisteddfod Results 2017

During August, the Randburg Eisteddfod was held at Randburg High School and 10 of my students had the opportunity to play their first Eisteddfod.  This was also their first public performance and it went great.  I am so proud of their achievements as playing for the public can be very scary!

Funny Little Rabbit – Dynamics with Andrea

Andrea is doing an easy piece for her Eisteddfod this year called Funny Little Rabbit. In this video, we focus on giving the piece a bit more character by adding some dynamics since the same notes repeat over and over.