Keira – Ode to Joy

Keira is doing well with her guitar getting to grips with rhythm and playing fluently.

Cara plays Ode to Joy

Cara reached another milestone piece this week. Congratulations. Here we are playing some Ode to Joy!

Jamie plays Yankee Doodle

Jamie recently started with the second string on the guitar. She is doing so well. Here she plays Yankee Doodle!

Bella sings Roar!

Isabella is preparing for her RSL Grade 1 Vocal exams and last week we started working on Roar by Katy Perry. Here is a short snippet of her singing this song. Well done Bella!

The Scientist Lesson 1: Playing the Chords

In this video I explain the main chords found in The Scientist and how to effectively play them correctly using correct fingering and technique. This is in preparation for the RockSchool Grade 2 Piano exams.