Andrea and Malaguena: Notes, Hands and Markings

Andrea is learning this Spanish classic called Malaguena. In this lesson, I help her with a visual breakdown of the notes and how the hands are going to move when she learns and practice the piece. We also take a look at some of the music markings in the piece that are important.

Firework: Pitch Assistance with Zeenal

Zeenal wants to sing Firework by Katy Perry but is having trouble with remembering the pitches and projecting a louder voice.  I help her to constantly be aware of the pitches by playing along on the keyboard while she has to sing in a louder and more projecting voice.

Nicole and Preludio: Notes on the Arpeggio Section

Nicole is learning Preludio from Albeniz’s Espana Suite. She is having trouble with the Arpeggio section and putting it hands together. In this video we have a look at how to make the execution a bit easier.

Kendra Playing Nocturne: First Guitar Duet

Kendra, my youngest and new guitar student recently learned her first guitar duet called Nocturne. During our lesson we decided to make a video of us playing together.

David and Fight Song – Playing the Opening Section

David is learning Fight Song by Rachel Platten.  I have specially arranged a version that he would be able to play.  During our lesson, we took a loot at the opening section of the music more specifically hand placement and what fingers to use.

Red Square March – An Overview of the Notes with Sophie

Sophie is playing Red Square March for her Trinity College Grade 1 Exam. As Sophie is having trouble remembering all the notes and hand movements, in this video we do a quick overview of the notes and where our hands need to go.

Yian plays at the Randburg Eisteddfod 2017 Gala Concert

Yian Xu, winner of the Program category was invited to play at the final Randburg Eisteddfod Gala Concert. Yian plays three pieces: Tom Bowling, Romanze and Clowns. 
Well done Yian!  I am super proud of your achievement.  Keep up the good work.  

Uke Shuffle Patterns with Scott

Scott is learning how to shuffle correctly on the Uke. Though he is still brand new at the instrument, I show him the famous Hawaiian shuffle and a nice pattern for other songs as well.