12 JANUARY 2018



Please find attached the following important documentation:


  • Please ensure that you have read the policy on the website here to fully familiarise yourself with its contents once again.
  • The link is:
  • After you have read the policy, sign the attached disclaimer and email it back to me before Wednesday 17 January 2018.
  • Take note that nothing has changed from 2017 expect the amounts due.
  • No lessons will commence if this document is not returned to me.


  • Please diarise all important information so that you are not left out when certain events occur.
  • This is an initial release and more dates may be added in the future.


  • Take note that there are still some outstanding lesson fees.
  • Your spot will go to a student on the waiting list should any outstanding fees not be paid by Monday, 15 January 2018.



  • As many of you do not check your emails or emails get lost at times,  I have decided to make all important information available on the website as a bulleting.  All will receive a notification when new information is posted on the website from hereon.
  • I will only communicate with email should there be something of a specific and individual nature to be discussed.



  • As it is always a tricky situation in the beginning of each term,  please be patient with me while we try and finalize the lessons schedule for the term.
  • Please note that until the schedule has been finalized we will run on the previous schedule.
  • It is your responsibility to inform me of any changes you wish to make to the schedule.  Please note that I cannot always effect the changes immediately as I first need to request movement from other affecting students.  I ask you again to be patient.



  • My academic representatives within the different institutions has informed me that certificates will be ready to collect on Tuesday 16 January 2018.  I will personally go and collect in Johannesburg and ensure all of you get your certificates with your first lessons.
  • Studio certificates for 2017 will be handed to each student during their first lesson as well.
  • Student prizes will also be handed to the Top 3 students during their first lesson.



  • Please note that there are some space available and I will give current students first choice.
  • This will only be available until Friday 19 January.  I will then start filling in new students.  I urge you to inform me of any requests as soon as possible.



Please take note of the following and I do apologise if the sounds strict.  With the deepest respect:

  • All student files need to be present at lessons.  If the file is too big for you or your child to carry around at school, you are welcome to use a smaller or thinner file.
  • No file, NO LESSON.  I work out of each student’s file every lesson.  Practicing music teaches discipline and memory like no other subject can.  If you fail to bring your file, it shows lack of priority and discipline and respect towards me as teacher.
  • Practicing music means paying attention to detail.  I cannot pay attention to detail if your file is not in the order I handed to you or instructed you to keep.  It shows me that you are not serious.  I will deduct marks, and should the behaviour continue,  I will instruct you to leave the classroom or use the lesson time to arrange your file properly.  It is unacceptable how many files are damaged, pages torn out or simply lost.  Not only does it increase my administrative time, it keeps me from instructing each student properly during their lesson.  Lessons are expensive!  I value each student and parent that are willing to pay for my service.  Please value your money spent as well.
  • There are some students that tend to try and control the lesson time or outright don’t do their homework.   I understand that most of the parents work and cannot get to all the homework every time.  Please try to remember that music is just as important to complete.  Yes,  most of you do music for the fun of it but even so, I give you an exceptional learning opportunity that you will be able to practice for the rest of you life.  Please complete your homework!  No excuses.  There is no time to go back and redo homework.  For future,  I will tolerate no missed homework and will not give extensions.  Please be responsible.  I want to bring out the best in each of you.
  • On the matter of responsibility:  I let students choose what they want to play most of the time.  I expect students to follow through with their choices.  There will not be any music that will be left incomplete.  This teaches determination!  If I see that you really struggle with a choice, only then will I allow changes to me made in repertoire or content.
  • No parents will be allowed to sit in during lessons at school or home as it disturbs my time and the quality of my work.  I don’t mean it as to chase you away especially in the comfort of your own home.  What I mean is that it is important to not comment on any work during a lesson.  If you are unhappy with progress, or you picked up something that you feel could need improvement, please send me an email or call me afterward.  Please do comment during a lesson should you feel that discipline is needed in order to keep the lesson on course.  Students as well as myself can sometimes get carried away in the moment.
  • I have had a terrible experience with a parent over December that has since cancelled lessons.  I am only notifying you all of this as I do not want any of you to find yourself or put me in a similar position:  This parent accused me of being incompetent on all levels when she did not want to pay her December invoice and I handed her to my attorney for debt collection.  This after her child scored 84% in her International exams.  She used her hospitality towards me during lessons to do further damage.  Please note I have certain rules in order for good reason and it pains me to take out the human aspect from our relationship at times.  Should you offer me something to eat or to drink and insist I accept,  please don’t use that hospitality against me in the future.  Should you wish to give me a gift with my birthday or at the end of the year,  please don’t use it against me later should a problem arise that could not be solved.  Remember,  I did not ask for any gifts or any special treatment.  Don’t feel obliged to offer more than you are required to.  I do not want our relationship to end badly because of these matters.   Please know that I will still accept gifts as I like to give as well.  It is great to give from the heart.  I expect an open and honest relationship from each student and parents that I am involved with.  Most of you know me for a while now and know that I am genuine, fair and honest and have the deepest respect for you all.