Final Pretoria Eisteddfod Results 2018

This year was a fantastic year for all the students that participated during the annual Pretoria Eisteddfod.   I could not be prouder of the hard work, dedication and bravery each student showed and it certainly can be seen in the results.  In total 17 achievements were earned!

The awards were as follow:

  1. Claudia de Muelenaere:  Piano (A)
  2. Jayden Beukes:  Piano (A)
  3. Jayden Beukes:  Piano (B+)
  4. Justin Krige:  Voice (A++)
    • Justin also came second in his category overall.
  5. Justin Krige:  Piano (A)
  6. Kayla Esterhuizen:  Piano (A)
  7. Kayla Esterhuizen:  Piano (A)
  8. Kayla Esterhuizen:  Piano (B+)
  9. Lea Jackson:  Piano (A+)
  10. Omolemo Mphumela:  Piano (A)
  11. Phoebe Ann Harraway:  Piano (A)
  12. Shayna Modi:   Piano (A+)
  13. Shayna Modi:  Voice (A+)
  14. Sophie Mackay:  Piano (A)
  15. Sophie Mackay:  Piano (B)
  16. Zeenal Modi:  Voice (A+)
    • Zeenal also came second in her category overall.
  17. Zeenal Modi:  Piano (A+)



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