Randburg Eisteddfod Results 2017

Link to the full video below:

Randburg Eisteddfod Performances and Results 2017

During August, the Randburg Eisteddfod was held at Randburg High School and 10 of my students had the opportunity to play their first Eisteddfod.  This was also their first public performance and it went great.  I am so proud of their achievements as playing for the public can be very scary!

Here are their results:

Holly Chowles:  A

Holly performed Bach’s Minuet in G in the Baroque section.  I am proud of you Holly.  You played the piece very well with great staccato’s.

Zeenal Modi:  A

Zeenal performed Indian Dance in the Own Choice category.  Zeenal, you played your rhythms very accurately.  Great work!

Shayna Modi:  A

Shayna performed a little piece called Fairies in the Garden in the Own Choice category.  Shayna,  you were the youngest performed and your energetic personality shined through the piece.  I am proud of you.

Jayden Beukes:  2 x A’s

Jayden performed two pieces in the Own Choice category:  A Waltz Time and A Cowboy’s Song.  Jayden you played very well and remembered all your repeats.  Great ending too!

Amelia Larsen:  A

Amelia performed The Rainbow in the Own Choice category.  Amelia you overcame your fears of playing in front of a crowd and you did so very well.  Your piece sounded beautiful.

Andrea Reddy:  A

Andrea performed Funny Little Rabbit in the Own Choice category.  Andrea,  your dynamics was well executed and you played without mistakes.  Excellent.

Carla Reddy:  A

Carla performed Fur Elise in the Own Choice category.  Carla,  considering that we only had 3 lessons to learn Fur Elise,  you played well.  Congrats!

Kayla Esterhuizen:  A

Kayla played two of her Trinity College Grade 2 pieces in the Own Choice Category:  Mexican March and Willow Tit-Willow.  Kayla they sounded even better than during your exams.  I am very impressed with you.  You are a star.

Madison Joubert:  A

Madison performed Ode to Joy in the Own Choice category.   Madison your Ode to Joy was very well executed with a nice singing tone.  It was a pleasurable experience hearing you play.

Yian Xu:  A+ and winner of the Recital Category

Yian performed three pieces from the ABRSM Grade 3 Piano Syllabus in the Recital category:  Tom Bowling, Clowns and Romanze.  Yian dazzled the judges scoring a solid A+ and winning her category.  Yian,  you did very well considering that it is your first time playing at an Eisteddfod and in public too!  I am very proud of you.  Well done!




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