Carla and Fur Elise – Pedal, Left Hand and Repeats


Link to the full video below:

Playing Guide – Practicing Fur Elise with Carla

Carla is playing Fur Elise.  It is one of her favourite pieces and she is ready to start learning this piece.

Though Carla plays all the notes correct (well most of the times), she still gets confused with the Left Hand at times and where to press down pedal.  Repeats are also a bit difficult for her, especially in this piece.

Here are some tips that can help with pedalling, left hand notes and repeats:

For the Left Hand notes it is important to remember the following:

The changes are repetitive:  A – E – A;  E – E – G#;  A – E – A and repeat.  Section two are a bit more complex but also quite easy to remember as it contains the first left hand notes again:  C – G – C;  G – G – B;  A – E – A;  E – E – G#

Pedal is pressed and only used for the LH notes mostly.  When we play the right hand notes, we will be lifting up the pedal.

Each section of the piece repeats once, so you will be playing it twice.


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