A singing approach to hands together: Kiara and Dance of the Hours – Bars 6 to 8

Link to the full video below:

Tips on playing Dance of the Hours with Kiara: Bars 6 to 8

Kiara is playing Dance of the Hours from the Trinity College Grade 1 syllabus for her piano exam and she is having difficulty playing her hands together in the more difficult sections like Bars 6 to 8.

She keeps on stalling as she tries to read the notes from her score.  The reason for this is because the right hand is constantly changing positions while the left hand has to play both natural and black keys.

An easy way to memorise passages is to hum one hand while playing the other, especially if there is a complex rhythm.  During our session, I show Kiara how to hum the right hand and rhythms while focussing on the left hand so that when she puts it hands together, she will only have to focus on the right hand while the left hand is automatically committed to memory.

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