Tips on A Cowboy’s Song with Jayden

Link to the full video below:

Tips on A Cowboy’s Song with Jayden YouTube

Jayden is one of the students that plays at the Eisteddfod in August 2017.  He will be playing two pieces of which one is A Cowboy’s Song.  This is an oldie from a book I discovered that was written way back for young students.

This particular songs teaches children to play quavers and also introduces them to an ostinato like rhythm in the left hand.  It also has a big repeating section in the music requiring students to remember to repeat when they see the repeat signs.

An ostinato in music is a repeating pattern of notes.  The plural of ostinato is ostinati

Jayden struggles to hold down the semibreve notes in the right hand when the ostinato is being played in the left hand and sometimes forgets to slow down at the end of the piece that has a ritardando and decrescendo across to bars.

ritardando (rit.) means getting gradually slower.

decrescendo (decresc.) means getting gradually softer.

In his video we have made together, I show him to be mindful of the note values as well as the articulations marks but also to play the tempo correctly as the tempo indicates we should play the notes “lazily”, supposedly like the walk of a cowboy.



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