Erin and Gymnopedie no. 1: Getting to grips with the wide chords

Link to the full video below:

Tips on Satie’s Gymnopedie #1 with Erin: Playing the wide chords.

Erin has recently started to learn Eric Satie’s Gymnopedies.  As it is Erin’s first time playing wide set chords and considering that her hands are a bit smaller, we have a look at reaching or practicing the wider chords.

Erin tries to play the chords by lifting her shoulders, arm and wrist in order to grip all the keys.  However, this is not the correct way as we actually take away from our maximum reach.  The best way to tackles this is to lower our wrist slightly and stretch while keeping a relaxed forearm and shoulders.

Remember, changing our shoulders or forearms can drastically have impact on how notes are played or reached in this instance.  Always try to keep a relaxed posture.  As the fingers have not been exercises in stretching, it will feel unnatural and difficult at first, causing us to play some wrong notes.

Practice slowly and think ahead of the stretch you need to make.  With time, your hand will develop more flexibility and reach and the stretches will be committed to finger memory.

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