Bach’s Minuet in G: Approaching the staccato notes with Holly


Link to the full video below:

Tips on Bach’s Minuet in G with Holly

Holly is playing Bach’s Minuet in G for this term as well as the Eisteddfod in August.  She particularly likes this piece as her mom also played it when she was younger.  During practice sessions, mom helps out as she can still remember this piece very well.

Holly has the notes of this piece correctly however there is some inconsistency with her articulation mainly with the staccato notes.  The tempo or note values are at times also a bit erratic, especially with the quaver groups in the right hand.

staccato means to play notes short, crisp and detached from each other.  In other words, there should be an interruption between each note.

In her video tutorial we try to correct these mistakes.  My advice to many students is to think of staccato notes like a trampoline where the finger jumps on.  Press down the key but then jump up from it again.  Don’t hold it down.

For quick sections where the fingers seem to be slipping due to shorter note values, try practicing slower, pressing down each finger firmly and keeping the wrist still.

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