Building confidence with Emma

Building Confidence with Emma YouTube Link

Emma is a new student with the studio and she is taking voice and mathematics.  She is a true joy during her lessons though she lacks confidence as she has never sang before anyone except maybe her parents or sister a bit.

What we have been trying to due the last 2 weeks is to build confidence, slowly getting her from whispering behind the couch to standing up and singing.  She is still very shy and uncertain but she is now sitting right next to me and you can actually hear her when she sings.  This is good progress.

Though we are still playing around with her voice, getting her comfortable, she is showing intense focus and concentrates on getting her notes correctly.  She has also taken a liking to the Ukulele and as such I have incorporated it into our lessons, giving her the opportunity to play a chord or two while she sings or practices.  This helps her focus as well as creates a safe space for her to express herself.  In other words, the attention is not fully on her all the time, giving her time to be confident on her own terms while feeling less “exposed.”

Well done Emma!  I am very impressed with your progress.

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