Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho with Hannah

Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho is one of my all time favorites to play with my students.  Hanna and I decided to make a duet video together during our last lesson.  I am so proud of her ability to keep the tempo so steady and to be able to play at such a brisk speed.  Keep it up Hannah!

Hannay plays her First Guitar Composition

Hannah surprised me with her own composition last week. She calls it “Allay” and it reminds her of the ocean. Here I improvise while she plays her melody. Well done Hannah! It is a beautiful first try and I look forward to more of your own music to come.

Stick and Hat – A Duet with Phoebe

Phoebe and I recorded the duet she is going to play for her exam in November called Stick and Hat. Phoebe is come so far the last few months. It is a real treat to play with her.

Gabi plays and sings Amazing Grace

Gabi recently learned Amazing Grace and we decided to record her singing and playing while I play some chords for accompaniment. 

It is quite difficult for a beginner to play and sing at the same time but Gabi did a great job with it.


Ode to Joy – A duet with Hannah

Hannah and I decided to record her playing Ode to Joy this week as a duet on the guitar.

Well done Hannah, and remember to have patience when you practice.  It may take a few tries before we get it right.

Keep it up!

Ode to Joy – A Trio with Scott on the Uke

This week is a week of Ode to Joy as many students learned to play this beautiful piece of music.

Ms. Thea Swann was invited to join us and play as a Trio.

Well done Scott, this was great fun!